Articles and information about Shuang Lin Monastery.

Missions and Visions

Missions and Visions

(a) To teach and propagate Buddhist doctrines and to promote activities conducive to Buddhist education, civilisation, benevolent affairs and to develop and expand Buddhism.

(b) To promote the teachings of Buddha by providing a Temple and all other necessary facilities and buildings to be used in perpetuity, for training of monks, the worshipping of Buddha by monks, and others irrespective of race and sex who are Buddhists or Believers in Buddhism, the conducting of classes, seminars and courses of instruction on Buddhism, sutra recitation sessions and the publication of literature on Buddhism.

(c) To provide all necessary facilities and building incidental to the operation of the Temple, including the provision of accommodation and food for monks and the provision of Buddhists religious services, both for the living and the dead.

(d) To perform Buddhist religious ceremonies in unity with all Buddhists in Singapore and to observe the Buddha precepts and to put into practice the Salvationism of the Mahayana (ie., the Great Conveyance).