Restoring the charm of the monastery


Why is Shuang Lin Monastery going through all the renovation to bring forth a new look? Read more about it!

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The Phases and Dates

Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three

Phase Four

Phase Five

Glorious Shuang Lin

The first chapter of Shuang Lin Restoration was successfully closed in 2002 with more than 10 years of devotion from both you and me. Walking around the restored Shuang Lin, you may have noted that the Restoration Project is still in progress. The Bell Tower and the Drum Tower, together with the rear portion mainly the Fa Tang are still awaiting a face lift.

To enhance the Architectural Heritage of Shuang Lin, all experts recommend demolishing the existing Fa Tang (Preaching Hall) and bringing back the original facade, a Reinforced Concrete structure built in the 1970s whose basic materials were bricks, timber and granite. By looking at the photo of the original Fa Tang in the very first building of Shuang Lin, I am sure you will agree that it is indeed Glorious!