Restoring the charm of the monastery


Why is Shuang Lin Monastery going through all the renovation to bring forth a new look? Read more about it!

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The Phases and Dates

Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three

Phase Four

Phase Five

Reasons for Restoration

In 1987, the structure of the halls of the Monastery was weaken due to the attack of termites and faced the crisis of collapsing. In 1991, Building Control Authority (BCA) officially cordoned off part of the monastery from the public.

As LSSLM is the only Monastery with a complete Chong Lin layout in Singapore and the existence of intricate cravings of the Min Nan style on the structure of the halls, which could usually be found in China only, the management committee felt a need to preserve what was viewed to be a genuine piece of art. There was also an integration between the different styles of architecture, which included Min Dong Fuzhou, Min Nan Zhangzhou, Quanzhou and that of Yue Dong Chaozhou found in the structure of LSSLM, which was the representation of the different clans of immigrants that had came to work in Singapore. This was all the more rare in Singapore for such a Monastery to exist, thus making the conservation of such architecture more meaningful.